5 Best chains for pendants of 2023

In terms of ornaments, the term “chain” refers to the “construction” of different elements that will create a linear and fluid sequence. It is usually used in necklaces and ship anchors. Chains are considered as light or heavy, delicate, and durable. It is generally made up of silver, gold, iron, or steel. A chain is used to represent the embodied beauty, and durable connection of these chain types into its pendant.

There are lots of styles of necklace chains. Some of these are used to create a statement and admire its pendant. In regards to this, what is your way of deciding which chain type is best for your pendant? Worry no more, because we will give you some of the most trendy chain types that you can choose from. Keep on reading and choose the one the fits you the best.

Unique Chain Types

If you are searching for something unordinary, the following chain types might be the one for you. These chain types can be worn alone or with a pendant.

Spiga or Wheat Chain

Square Wheat Chain Necklace with Lobster Claw Clasp

If you love a hard-textured chain type, then this Spiga or Wheat Chain is right for you with its oval shapes that have twisted patterns, this type of chain looks like the plumy wheat stalks edges.

Figaro Chain

Figaro Chain Necklace

Other chains for pendants are meant to stand out. And this Figaro chain is one of the popular necklace chains. It has an exceptional Italian style that structures the compacted chains that come up with different sizes. This type of chain is made up of the thickest wire that is impossible to break.

Classical Chain Types

If you are searching for the best traditional styles of necklace chains, the following are the timeless chains that will fit you perfectly. Overall, these chains can be worn with an elegant pendant.

Curb Chain

Cuban Curb Chain

The curb chain is considered as most durable chain type. It is usually worn by males out there. It has a stylish and rugged design, which makes it more accessible to men. If you are a lady who wants to have this type of chain, you can purchase the thinner version of this curb chain.

Cable Chain

The cable chain is considered as the most trendy chain type. And, this cable chain is popular for more than a century. It has the design that features oval-shaped links that are linked with each other, which creates a simple yet elegant style.


Helpful Tips on Choosing the Right Chains for Your Pendants

Chain Style

The very first step that you should do to choose the right chains for your pendants is to choose your desired chain style. You can consider the four classical and unique chain types mentioned above.

Choose the Right Metal Quality

Chain Metal Quality

Many customers prefer yellow gold metal quality in purchasing their desired chain types. On the other hand, you can consider sterling silver, since its color is closely similar too yellow gold. It also has a lesser price rate compared to the yellow gold metal chain. And the good news is, both sterling silver and yellow gold are gender-specific colors.

Choose Proper Chain Length

Proper Chain Length

18 inches is the preferred chain length by many customers. In terms of gender, males usually look for chain lengths that are ranging from 20 inches to 24 inches. On the other hand, females usually look for the chain length that is ranging from 16 inches to 18 inches.

Choose a Clasp Assembly

Clasp Assembly

In terms of the item prices, you may consider the spring ring as your clasp choice. If you want a more extensive chain clasp, it is recommended for you to choose lobster clasp.

Pair with a Pendant

I wish that you have been already choosing the right chain for your pendants. And this is the right time for you to pair it with your desired pendant. There are lots of pendants with different styles and designs that you can purchase in various jewelry stores nationwide (Pendant Buying Guide).

Necklaces have different styles, designs, pendants, and chains. It continually increases its popularity day by day. It has a long term history, including tradition, religion, and fashion. And there is a study claiming that the necklace is the first ornament worn by people during ancient times.
These ancient people usually used plant matter, shells, feathers, and other high quality materials in creating elegant necklaces. I recommend you to choose the chain that is made with high quality and solid material, such as metal for a long term use. In these days, people who purchase different chain types vary their decision in class and weight of the chain. If you want a thin and lightweight chain type, then it is recommended for you to choose thinner chains with simple yet elegant styles and designs.


Even though there are lots of companies that manufacture and supply different types of chains, it is always up to you, which one you think can give you the quality and professionality that you want. Different types of ornaments, such as necklaces are always on trend. People in this generation usually love a chain type that is versatile, durable, and customizable. If you are not sure enough which type of necklace chain is right for you, you can consider choosing a curb chain style that will make you look more classy and stunning in any occasions.