How to choose a necklace or a pendant

Pendants, necklaces and other kinds of neck jewelry designed for complementing the image of any woman, deserve special attention in the world of jewelry.

Pendants can be called an «independent» decorative element, which has no special requirements, like, for example, matching a ring or earrings (however, you have to follow this rule in case of diamonds or pearls). Moreover, this type of jewelry is a wonderful easy-to-choose present. The only thing you have to know is what style the person, you are going to give it to, prefers.

If you want to buy a necklace or a pendant wisely, for them to reveal good taste, pay attention to several details, while choosing this or that piece of jewelry. I have written this guide to help you with the task. Here you will find the information on:

  • What pendants and necklaces exist
  • What pendants and necklaces suit different people
  • How to choose a chain for a pendant

Choosing a pendant or a necklace: First steps

Although pendants and necklaces are considered «independent» jewelry, beautiful without adding anything, you still need a chain, a string or a necklet for wearing them. That’s why jewelers advise to start choosing a pendant with buying a chain. If you already have a chain to put the new pendant on, consider the following points:

  1. The pendant shouldn’t weight more than the chain, the correlation can be maximum 1:1. In case you ignore the rule, the chain may get worn off and broken. Then you’ll simply loose the jewelry.
  2. The color of the pendant should match the color of the chain. For example, a pendant of white gold can be worn only with a chain of white gold, silver or platinum.
  3. The chain shouldn’t distract from the pendant. It’s better to choose chains of simple styles.
  4. Pay attention to the clamp of the pendant, it should be big enough to get a chain, a strip or a necklet through.

What pendant to choose ?!

A beautiful pendant on the neck will easily add glamor and glare to any possible style. Pendants are the best presents among various kinds of jewelry. I have several reasons for claiming this.

  1. You’ll never choose the wrong size.
  2. Wide variety, you can buy something for any occasion.
  3. The price ranges from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands.

Pendants are the best presents as you will definitely find one at the price you can afford and of the style you prefer, no matter who is going to wear it – your girlfriend, wife, mother or sister. Moreover, a pendant given as a present is a great way of expressing your feelings. For example: a pendant in the form of a heart will clearly tell about the feelings you have, while a model in the form of a star will make your lady understand how unique she is. A diamond pendant will be the symbol of your serious intentions.
There are different styles of pendants. Every year jewelers come up with new designs of pendants, presenting various motifs: flora, fauna, abstract shapes, intricate patterns. Here are a few styles of pendants:

Classis pendants

Classics is modern at all times. What are the pendants of the classic style? They are usually made of gold or silver and can be decorated with precious stones or pearls. Moreover, rimless diamond pendants, which nicely match earrings, are also one of the kind. The forms of the classic pendants are graceful and soft, that’s why they don’t strike the eye. The elegance of the pendants makes them a perfect match for both a business suite and an evening dress. If you don’t know what present to buy — a classic pendant will, for sure, suit any style and age.

Pendants of different forms

These pendants make up the biggest part of the range in any store. Their price varies from 1$ to hundreds of thousands and depends on their materials and the incrusted stones. Such pendants correspond with multiple subjects: stars, birds, fish, hearts, cars, flowers, etc. The pendant of this style gives you a chance to express personality. If you decided to buy a pendant of some form, find out the hobbies of the person, who is going to wear it, and choose the suitable present.

Medallion pendants – Lockets

The pendants have a secret. They consist of two opening parts, between which you can put small photos of your near and dear. Such pendants usually are heart-shaped or oval. The pendant of the style will be an amazing present for the person you love.

Luxury pendants

They are recognized as pieces of jewelry of fine and graceful shapes, made of the most expensive metals and decorated only with precious stones. The number of such pendants is usually limited. Famous jewelry manufacturers update their collections of pendants, created by the best designers, every year. The pendants of the style are real works of art. They are not casual jewelry and should be worn only on special occasions. Luxury pendants will, without doubt, cause a storm of emotions and a sincere delight even if it’s given to the most fastidious woman. When should such pendants be given as a present? As the Luxury pendants are very expensive, it’s better to buy them for «special» events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) to emphasize the importance of the dates.

Personalized pendants — pendants with inscriptions

Pendants can come in the form of letters meaning the owner’s name. Such models are perfect for an open and sociable person. There are also pendants with inscriptions. Pendants with inscriptions are a wonderful way to commemorate important events (declaration of love, anniversary, wedding day, your child’s birthday, etc.). You can even make an inscription at the jeweler’s later or simply buy a pendant with a ready inscription (for example:”Always my sister Forever my friend”, “my dear wife love holds our hearts together”, mother and daughter, Saint Christopher protect us …)


This kind of pendants stands for crosses and multiple models with images of saints. They can be made of precious and other metals and even decorated with stones or pearls. Is it possible to give such pendants as presents Of course,it is. However, in my opinion, it’s better to buy these pendants for only relatives or very close friends, you know well.


How long should a necklace be?

The right length is another important criterion for choosing a necklace. The necklace of the perfect length will emphasize the beauty of your face and figure. You need to choose the length of the necklace considering the few parameters: how tall a person wearing it is, what face shape and neck the person has. But let’s be consequent.
The length of the necklace can range from 10 to 48 in’. This variety of sizes is usually divided into two categories – short and long ones:

  1. Short necklaces – from 10 to 24 in’
  2. Long necklaces – from 25 in’ to …

Short necklaces from 18 to 22 in’ are an ideal match for different compact pendants. It’s perfect if you get a pendant with a small diamond and a thin 18 in’ chain. Such a combination will be a great option for any woman. Pearl beads of one 16 in’ long string will be a wonderful choice to match your evening dress. Pearls are great birthday and wedding presents. If you need to complement the classic style image, pearl suits best.

Be careful while choosing the shortest, from 10 to14 in’, necklaces. It’s reasonable to measure the neck in advance in this case. To figure out the size of the neck, take a piece of tape and wrap around the neck, see not to squeeze it too much. Measure the length you’ve got with a ruler. For example, you’ve got 13 in’. Add 2 in’. So the minimum size of your future necklace is 15 in’.
Long necklaces don’t match small pendants. You can wear 28 in’ long (and longer ones) necklaces in a simple way or fold them two or more times, which makes the necklaces shorter and adds them volume. A long necklace allows its owner to use imagination and experiment with the style.

Choosing the length of the necklace depending on how tall you are

Another way of choosing a necklace is to consider how tall you are. Very long necklace can make a short woman look even shorter, while a short necklace can be simply lost in case a tall woman wears it. Specially for my readers I have created the following table:

Below 5,3 Ft

15 to 22 in’ long necklaces will suit you best. Y and V-shaped necklaces and narrow oblong pendants will help to make the neck look longer and the silhouette taller.

5,3 Ft to 5,8 Ft

Women, who are this tall, may choose any length of necklaces they want. However, it’s still important to consider the size of the neck, when buying the short models (Don’t forget to measure the neck — You’ll find the instructions above).

5,8 Ft or taller

You also have a wide variety of options, but it’s better to choose a bit longer necklaces, to emphasize your built.

Face shape and necklace length

As in case of earrings, you should pay attention to the face shape when buying a necklace. Its right length will draw attention to the nicest features of your face and become a wonderful addition to its beauty. There are several face shapes:

Oval face

You can wear any necklace of any length.

Round face

It’s necessary to make the face look longer, so you have to choose longer necklaces –from 24 to 38 in’, moreover, consider how tall you are. Avoid very short necklaces, which can make your face look rounder.

Narrow face (Rectangular)

Short necklaces, from 10 to 18 in’, will help to smooth the sharp features and make them much softer.

Heart and diamond-shaped faces

As in the previous example you should choose short necklaces, from 10 to 18 in’, which are able to make the bottom of the face look more oval.

Styles of chains

There are unbelievably many kinds of chains, which differ from each other due to various styles. What depends on the style (the way of netting) of the chain? Both its weight and strength depend on the feature. What style to choose? It’s more reasonable to buy the chains, which can be easily bent in different directions. Such chains will be solid and perfect for wearing both light and heavy pendants. Try to avoid flat chains, as they are not very suitable for having pendants on them.


Pendants are the most common and the most popular pieces of jewelry. The wide range of them in stores makes sure you can choose a pendant suitable for any occasion and budget. Just a few tips on the first steps, when buying a pendant in a shop.

  1. Start with defining your budget.
  2. Choose the metal you prefer (gold, silver, platinum)
  3. Decide on the stones the pendant will be decorated with (diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, etc.). The price of the pendant can largely depend on the quality and the size of the incrusted stone (more details here)

Tip: If you want to buy a diamond pendant, but have a limited budget, pay attention to silver models. A silver pendant with a diamond will cost significantly less than a gold one, but look like jewelry of white gold.
Pendants are great presents for any occasion – birthday, New Year, St. Valentine’s Day, etc. And don’t forget about the preferences of the person you are going to buy the gift for, when choosing a pendant. Searching for a nice piece of jewelry is a creative process, so use your imagination and continue looking for the ideal pendant.