7 Most Popular Types Of Earrings Every Woman Should Own

If you’ve decided to buy earrings as a present for yourself or someone else, take your time. Most people purchase earrings taking into consideration their color and the materials they are made of — however, it is not the best idea. Earrings are among the most «complicated» pieces of jewelry, choosing which it’s important to consider their shape, the color of the stones, as well as the specific features of their future owner’s appearance — face shape, eye and hair color, etc. Perfectly matching earrings definitely improve your image and emphasize your natural beauty, which guarantees you become original, not just a person in a crowd.

To help You with the right choice, I’ve written a detailed guide, which includes a lot of useful information on:

  • Types of Earrings
  • How to choose earrings considering face shape (type)
  • How to choose earrings with stones considering eye color

Most Popular Types of Earrings

To make the right choice, let’s have a look at the most popular types of earrings. Earrings can be made of various metals: gold, platinum or silver. Moreover, earrings can be decorated with different stones: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls, etc. However, despite the great variety of earrings in jewelry stores, all of them can be divided into several types.

Hoop Earrings

14k Gold Hand Engraved Diamond-cut Round Hoop Earrings -1'' Diameter

These are round earrings, worn through earlobes. This type can be without any doubt called one of the most popular types of earrings and classic as well. There are pretty many variations of the earrings, made of different metals, with or without stones. It’s important to mention, round earrings, made of variously colored gold, with white diamonds become more and more popular. Hoop earrings come in several sizes, from big to really small ones. One of the main advantages of this type of earrings is their safe clasp — it will never open accidentally. Moreover, hoop earrings are very comfortable to wear.

Ball Earrings

14k Yellow Gold Diamond-cut Ball Stud Earrings

Ball earrings — are the most universal type of earrings, suiting both girls and women of any age. Many women and girls, who have just pierced their ears, choose gold ball earrings as their first earrings. This type of earrings comes with different clasps. Most often it’s a screw-back, as the clasp is considered the safest and the most robust. The earrings of the style can be called casual jewelry. Ball earrings make a perfect match for both a business suite and an evening dress. If you need more glamor and glare, pay attention to ball earrings with precious stones. In case you decide to buy earrings with stones, don’t forget about the eye color. Only diamond earrings suit everyone.


Cuff & Wrap Earrings

 0.60 Carat (ctw) 14K Gold Round White Diamond Ladies Journey Curved Climber Earrings

This is the most original type of earrings in our guide. You don’t have to pierce ears in order to wear them. Cuff earrings are usually worn at the edge of the ear, being fastened behind the ear with the help of a clamp or a special arch. These earrings make it possible to decorate not only the earlobe, but also your neck, hair and temple. Such earrings can be combined with other ones — you just need to put two earrings of different styles on the same ear. There are various earrings of this type, from simple rings to the models in the form of animals, butterflies, dragonflies, snakes, wings, etc. Stores offer such cuff earrings made of silver, gold and platinum. Cuffs with precious stones also look fantastic.

Drop & Dangle Earrings

10K Ladies Infinity Dangling Earrings, Rose Gold

The main feature of these types of earrings is their movable hanging details, which make them look bright and gorgeous. Long earrings are a perfect match when you have an evening out or join a celebration party. Fine dangle earrings with white diamonds will add some romantic flavor to your evening dress. Drop earrings may occur in multiple styles, from very thin chains to the ones with massive hanging up stones. Long dangle earrings suit tall women with long necks best.

Earring Jackets

Sterling Silver 925 Front Back 2 in 1 Cubic Zirconia AAA Quality Stud and Ear Jacket Cuff Earrings Set

Earring jackets are a great option for those, who like experiments with their style or decide to add something new to their appearance. The main feature of the earrings is their having two parts: an earring and a removable decorative pendant (jacket). The earrings are sold both as sets, earrings+jackets, and separately. If you have already bought ball or stud earrings, you can simply purchase jackets, which will complement and modify your old earrings.

Classic jackets are round or oval, but their popularity makes designers create new types of jackets, so don’t worry, you’ll definitely find models to your taste. You can add diamonds to ordinary gold earrings using jackets. Jackets are a nice possibility to make your collection of earrings bigger without buying new ones. As well as in case of other earrings, you can choose jackets made of gold or alternative inexpensive metals, with or without stones. Jacket can cost from a few dollars to a few thousand.

Diamond Accented Earrings

14K Yellow Gold 5x3MM Pear Emerald and Diamond Earrings

This style stands for all diamond earrings. While searching for diamond earrings make sure you pay more attention to the gems themselves to choose the «right» diamonds (read the guide). Diamond accented earrings can come with one or a whole scattering of gems. This kind of jewelry can be decorated not only with diamonds, but also with other stones. Earrings with white diamonds suit all women, however it’s necessary to choose the right shape of earrings, which is perfect for their face shape. In case you don’t want to pay through the nose for gold earrings, consider silver ones with diamonds (the price of the combination will, for sure, make you surprised).

Stud Earrings

14K Gold Classic Solitaire Stud Earrings, Cushion Cut, 6mm in Genuine or Created Gemstones, Friction Back

The style of these earrings makes them worth being called number one. They are a good example of elegance and laconism. Earrings of this type easily become a perfect match and an original detail, no matter what style you prefer. Earrings with only diamonds in the ring or between the pins are a so called classic model of the kind. In particular, pay your attention to stud diamond earrings – these are ideal earrings, which suit every girl and woman 100%. If you want to give earrings as a present, but have no idea of what is best — opt for stud diamond earrings, this model suits all face shapes and eye colors. The main question here is the diamond — it will set the price. The price of diamonds depends on four parameters (cut, clarity, color, carat. You can find details here).

Clip On Earrings

14k Yellow Gold Non Pierced Clip On Hoop Earrings Ear Hoops Set Fine Jewelry For Women Gifts For Her

We have made a separate group for clip on earrings. This is a wonderful option for those, who don’t want to pierce their ears. Clip on earrings are worn thanks to a special clip placed to the ear. It’s very difficult to loose earrings with such a fastener. The safe clip makes the earrings available for everyone without exception. Stores offer clip on earrings to all tastes. There are clip on earrings of various shapes and styles. Moreover, they come in different metals and can be decorated with stones. The price of such earrings ranges from several dozens to a few thousand dollars.

How to choose earrings considering face shape?

The world of fashion divides faces into several types: oval, round, narrow (rectangular), square, heart-shaped and diamond-shaped. The classification is pretty relative, as it’s almost impossible to find clear examples of the named face shapes. Taking the feature into consideration, your main task while choosing earrings is to define what face shape you deal with. The new earrings shouldn’t make the face more round, a square silhouette more massive or triangle one sharper. So to say, you can and need to choose earrings, which will correct and improve the face shape. The main rule is to buy the shape of the earrings exactly opposite to the face shape.

Oval face

Oval faces are ideal, as they allow to wear earrings of any possible shape. However, it’s better to avoid long narrow dangle models, which can visually pull the face proportions.

Round face

If you choose the right type of earrings, it can make the cheeks look slimmer. Big oval earrings or models in the form of an inverted triangle are a perfect match for those, who have round faces. The ideal choice of the women with round faces is medium size dangle earrings.

Narrow face (rectangular)

While buying earrings for a person with a narrow or rectangular face, it’s reasonable to choose big oval earrings, the ones in the form of crescents, rings and hearts. Sharp face features look smoother if a person wears round, broad earrings. Say yeas to broad, not long shapes of earrings.

Square face

Dangle, drop and hoop earrings are ideal for a person with a square face. Choose rounded or oblong models. Avoid square and tiny earrings. Long earrings will make the face look longer, while rounded ones will help to smoothen sharp face features.

Heart or diamond-shaped face

Using earrings women with such faces can smooth the high cheekbones or give more volume to the long chin. We need ring or drop earrings here. And don’t forget about the models extending to the bottom – pyramid-shaped or triangle ones.


Earrings are a wonderful kind of jewelry, which can easily improve any image. While choosing earrings, it’s important to pay attention to the face shape. As there are different types of earrings, every woman can use them to emphasize the natural beauty of her face. If you decide to buy diamond earrings, have a closer look at the world of the gems, presented in this article. In case you are looking for a present and don’t know, what to choose, earrings can become a great option. And, finally, a small trick, silver earrings with diamonds or other precious stones look like those made of white gold or platinum, however their price is more than just different (silver earrings cost significantly less).