January Birthstone Meaning

How to Buy Jewelry with January Birthstone?

If you were born in January, your birthstone is garnet. With its luck, you want the gemstone to add to your collection of jewelry. Good news! The variety of January birthstone garnet will help you find what you love and afford.

January Birthstone Meaning

Stemming from “granatum,” garnet gemstone is quite similar to the lush red color of pomegranate seeds. The word “gernet” was meant dark red, describing the garnet’s rich appearance.

Historically speaking, legend tells us that the January birthstone holds strong power because of its very distinct color. Over the past centuries, it has adorned jewelry across the globe. Commonly known as the “Gem of Faith,” garnet is considered to bring fortune to people who do good while wearing the January birthstone. And it gives a bad fortune to those who have a bad intention.

Ever since its discovery and development, ancient Egyptians considered the January birthstone as a symbol of life. Romans, on the other hand, held them in high regard. In fact, they use it as signet ring in the 3rd and 4th centuries. During Victorian times, royals wore small garnets that formed large statement pieces.

But wait, there’s more! Garnet is believed to protect travelers, strengthen relationships, ward off nightmares, bring truth, and offer peace of mind to users. It’s no wonder why many people have been using it within a long-term run.

Garnet Color

Usually made of silicate materials, garnet comes in different colors. But the most popular and recognized color is red. As with other birthstones, it offers personalization and variety. It ranges from soft tones to rich hues.

When it comes to durability, it measures from 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. This means, it is as tough as other stones. For everyday use, take a set of earrings or pendant into consideration. For festivities and other special events, bracelets and rings are good to go.

Aside from a deep January birthstone meaning to know, it’s important to remember that proper maintenance plays a vital role in prolonging its longevity. Meticulous care makes garnets last for many generations. It’s no question that jewelry pieces during the Bronze Age last up to these days.

Buying Pieces of Jewelry with January Birthstone

Of course, you want to end 2018 with more blessings and face the next year with a fresh start. Then, buying and wearing your garnet birthstone will help achieve what your heart desires.

  • Almandine

As with other birthstones, purchasing garnet is not as hard as you imagine. In fact, it is easy. When shopping online or offline, you will discover Almandine. As the most common garnet gemstone, Almandine is far different with other top choices. Aside from having a deep color, it comes in different and perfect sizes with a variety of colored hues, opening doors for fortune and boosting your fashion statement.

Almandine has also been known for reliable hardness, measuring around 7 and 7.5. Whether you’re on the lookout of stunning and sturdy garnet pieces of jewelry, this gemstone is good to go. While having an aesthetically creative set of earrings, you can become lucky and confident every day.

  • Andradite

Another sought-after January birthstone is the andradite. Men and women have fallen in love with it because of its light dispersion. What avid users enjoy about andradite is that it exceeds the light dispersion of a diamond. If you are after this awesome feature, andradite is what you should take advantage of today.

  • Demantoid

The list for the most valuable garnet varieties would not be completed without demantoid. Compared to almandine and andradite, demantoid is unique and different. Due to its chromium content, it has been known for brilliant green hues. What’s more interesting about demantoid is that it showcases high light dispersion.

As it starts to lower in value, it’s very noticeable. The slightest hint of a yellow color can be an indication of losing its value. As a result, you can avoid a guessing game. You’re sure of what to buy and when to have your existing garnet gemstone replaced.

Also, keep in mind that these birthstones are a few of the garnet varieties. There are some that can be used for other pieces of jewelry.

As you start to assess the garnet of your choice, it is important to check its color. Why? Because, it is one of the most crucial factors that will prove whether the gemstone is valuable or not. Remember that the redder the garnet in hues, the more it becomes valuable. So, eliminate those with dull colors to have a lasting investment.
Garnets also come in standard cuts and shapes. These make them the perfect January birthstone for jewelry pieces.

Which is Better Between Garnet and Ruby?

We cannot blame you to be confused with garnet and ruby. But they are not the same. While garnet comes in a deep red color, it is different from the gemstone. Rubies, on the other hand, are more valuable than the January birthstone. There are helpful ways to identify the difference.

First, hold the gemstone against a light source to examine the color. Whether you see a reflection of green and yellow, it’s most likely a garnet. Reflections of red and blue indicate that it’s definitely ruby.

Lastly, you can assess the refraction of the birthstone. Garnet is a single refractive gemstone while ruby is a double refractive.

Effective Maintenance for Garnet Gemstone

January birthstone gives you luck, boosts blessings, and protects you from danger. Compared to turquoise and opal, garnet is more durable, boosting its longevity. Despite that, proper maintenance should not be overlooked. What most users love about it is that a simple wipe is enough and never use strong chemicals.

Many people wear garnet gemstone because it’s a sign of good luck. January birthstone meaning also boosts protection, a fun career, and a fulfilling life. When you’re on the lookout for a quality and authentic birthstone at a reasonable price, garnet is what you deserve. So, what are you waiting for such a stylish and lucky piece of jewelry? Find the brands of your choice online and offline today!